Beginning April 14, 2014, attorneys filing in Christian County will be required to use the Missouri eFiling System for ALL CASES.

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The 38th Judicial Circuit, [Divisions 1 & 2 only], is conducting a pilot program of a feature on that allows parties and counsel to appear virtually with ease.  The feature is a link called “Virtual Hearing Room”, and it allows parties and counsel to immediately access a proceeding remotely.  To access the Virtual Hearing Room link, first go to, then click on Search for a Case.  Next enter the case number in the Case Number search on  When the case is displayed, clink on “Scheduled Hearings & Trial”.  You will see the Virtual Hearing Room link.  Click on that to attend the proceeding remotely.  Please register/sign in as yourself and mute your microphone until your case is called.  All routine civil motions as of 10/28/21 will be heard via the virtual hearing room only.  Should this not be a possibility, please contact the Judge’s clerk.


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